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Written by Central Admin   
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 18:47

HarareBack in the mid-eighties, God spoke clearly to us from Acts 5:28 where the Sanhedrin accused the disciples of having filled the whole of Jerusalem with their doctrine. The disciples were simply telling everyone they met that the Jesus who had been crucified was the Son of God and that He had risen from the dead. Meanwhile, whenever they met, they devoted themselves to teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. They took seriously Jesus’ promise to them that when the Holy Spirit came, they would be His witnesses. We were not looking for this when the Lord dropped it on our hearts. It was so strong that we soon realised God wanted this to be our calling scripture as a ministry.

Filling the city with our doctrine was therefore a call to live out the great commission. This was at a time when the idea of mega church was fashionable in Harare. We were outgrowing the building we were meeting in and were seeking a bigger venue. We tried unsuccessfully, to purchase several pieces of land in order to put up a bigger facility. Somehow, God resisted us. When the above scripture came, we understood that to mean decentralization. In the narrow sense, it meant that we were to start planting small churches around the city. Our city was not only Harare but the nation. Wherever our people found themselves was their city.

The application was much wider than this though. God wanted us to produce disciples who would carry a kingdom mentality. What Jesus began to teach and preach was not the church but the gospel of the kingdom. This was true of Paul as well. While Jesus built the Church, He preached the kingdom. Filling the city with our doctrine was to produce disciples who would carry a kingdom message wherever they went. Sometimes this would result in people coming to Faith Ministries’ churches. Often it would be seeds of the kingdom scattered everywhere with the fruit going to other barns. We developed a passion to see the glory of God everywhere in His kingdom, to influence more than we governed, to be fruitful wherever we were planted. Consequently, our people developed a kingdom mentality. Over the years, some have moved to other churches and become committed leaders in the body of Christ. In many places around the nation and in other countries, you will come across leaders in key positions who have passed through the doors of Faith Ministries at one point or another and been impacted by this doctrine. Sometimes it has worried me why we have remained small in number. While this is no excuse for laziness on our part, I have had the assurance that our calling is not to fill buildings with men but to fill men with God! The two are not necessarily incompatible!

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